Showcase of the emerging dynamic halal products and services in Kenya and the region!

The halal trade expo focuses on the halal industry, food, lifestyle, tourism, pharmaceuticals and finance among other sectors.

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Who will attend Halal trade Expo Kenya?

Demographics Private Individuals
  •  Educated Male & Female
  • Youth to mature adults (19 – 50 years of age)
  • Middle Class with disposable income and high purchasing power
  • Exposed and knowledgeable of current trends
  • Appreciate ethical and fair business practices promoting society welfare
  • A higher percentage will be Muslims Representatives of Corporates & Institutions Government Officials

Marketing & Publiciyt of the Expo

  • TV Adverts
  • Radio Adverts
  • Newspaper Adverts
  • Outdoor/Out of Home Banners and Billboards
  • Social Media
  •  Expo Website
  • Expo Brochure
  • Expo Catalogue
  • Expo Fliers and Posters
  • Expo E Shots
  • Expo Email Signature
  • Expo Digital Screens
  • Expo Merchandise

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